202?仮)手法と、それに纏わるロマンを案じたがあるいは、その逆かもしれない ──work in progress
2022バス(あるいは、凡骰の一擲) ──unpublished
2021The Radiant ─otagiri.bandcamp.com/album/the-radiant
2020アウトラップ(いかにも音楽的な語りのなかにもキラリと饒舌なシナリオ) ─vimeo.com/ondemand/cheloutrap

2014年チェルフィッチュ岡田利規による『ポストラップ』主演 (@東京都立現代美術館)。2020年チェルフィッチュxOtagirix丹下紘希『アウトラップ』公開 (@Vimeo)。2021年アルバム『The Radiant』をBandcamp限定で発表、ele-kingやFNMNLにレビュー掲載。2021年 KID FRESINO『20,Stop it.』収録の「Lungs ft. Otagiri」に参加、Fuji RockFestival ’21にて同氏ライブステージへ客演。2024年『獸 (第2章 / BEAUTIFUL DAYDREAM)』出演。

Born in Sagamihara, Kanagawa, brought up in Yokohama, he now resides in Onna Village, Okinawa. Rapper, track maker & DJ.
In 2014, he starred in Chelfitsch/ Toshiki Okada’s “POSTRAP" @Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. In 2020, Chelfitsch x Otagiri x Kouki Tange’s “OUTRAP" was released @Vimeo. In 2021, he released his first album “The Radiant" exclusively on Bandcamp, and it has been favorably reviewed by ele-king, FNMNL, and other indie blogs. In 2021, he guest-appeared on KID FRESINO's “Lungs ft. Otagiri" from the album “20, Stop it." and co-performed it at White Stage of Fuji Rock Festival ’21. In 2024, he was on stage of “JYU" Episode 2: BEAUTIFUL DAYDREAM.

Photography by Fish Zhang